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In the Republican address, House of Representatives Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who was a candidate for vice president last year, said Republicans have a plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years by cutting spending and not raising taxes. The site, located in the city's Cheap MBT Shoes working-class neighborhood of 23 de Enero, in northwest Caracas, is where Chavez's body will remain until officials decide on a final resting place. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed President Shimon Peres Saturday night that he has completed the task of forming the new ruling coalition, which is expected to be sworn in Monday.


The casket was transported some 20 kilometers inside a black hearse draped with the Venezuelan flag and followed by a two- column motorcade of the National Guard, as air force planes flew in formation overhead. In the third year of a harsh austerity and reform program, an overwhelming 94 percent of MBT Shoes For Men Greeks oppose the measures aiming to resolve the debt crisis, giving boost to the anti-bailout main opposition Radical Left SYRIZA party, a fresh survey showed on Friday.